Disable ASP.Net Validator with Javascript

ASP.Net validators like RequireField Validator, Compare Validator, RangeValidator etc. works on server-side. but sometime you have the requirement where you have some customized validation on client-side and depending on some logic you want to enable/disable ASP.Net Validator on client-side.

Let's have an example with code to disable ASP.Net Validator using JavaScript

We have a checkbox Password Required on web-form where depending on check/un-check we have to enable/disable requiredfield validator for Password Textbox field.

Below are the two JavaScript methods to perform the same. You can use any of the method.

function disableValidator()
  var myVal = document.getElementById('myValidatorClientID');
  ValidatorEnable(myVal, false);

function disableValidator()
  var myval = document.getElememtById('validator.ClientId');

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