Dec 23, 2015

RowNumber in SSRS

RowNumber returns a sequential number to every row within the specified scope.


Scope: The name of dataset, data region or group or null/nothing. Based on scope it resets the row count to 1. If scope is defined as nothing it will assign each row a unique number and will be equal to the number of rows.

Similar function in SQL Server:  Row_Number in SQL

Let's create a report and see how RowNumber works. For this, we will continue on a Tabular Report we created in an earlier article.

Step 1: Create a simple Tabular Report
First Create a simple Tabular Report using above link. Reports look like this

Tabular Report

Once report is created we would generate Row Number to the report.

Step 2: Right Click on Department Column Header and add a column to its Left and name the Column Header as S.No

Add Column

S.No Column

Step 3: Right Click on S.No Data Column and click Expression.

Add Expression

Step 4: In the Expression window, set expression value as =RowNumber(Nothing) and click Ok

Set Expression

Step 5: Here we have defined the scope as Nothing, so it will generate a unique RowNumber to the result-set. Let's run the report and see the output.

Report Output

Check the output, we have a column S.No with unique Row Number (S.No) in the output.

Now let's change the scope of RowNumber to a Group.

Step 6: Right click Data Region, Then Add Group>Parent Group and add GroupName as Group

Add Group


This will add a new column Group Name to the report.

Group Name Column

Right click and Delete the newly created Group Name Column. While deleting it will prompt two options. Select Delete columns only. Add a new Column S.No by GroupName to the right of S No Column

Add Column
Step 7: Right click the new Data Column S No By GroupName and click Expression. Set the expression to =RowNumber("GroupName")

Set Expression

Step 8: Now we have defined the scope as GroupName, so S.No by GroupName should be reset to 1 for each GroupName. Let's run the report and check the output

Report Output

Check S.No by GroupName column where RowNumber is starting with 1 for each GroupName.

Similar function in T-SQL:  Row_Number in SQL

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