Jan 1, 2016

Paging in SSRS

Paging is used to display N no. of records per page.  In this post, you will see step by step example of implementing paging in SSRS.

Basic steps to implement paging in SSRS are:
  • Create a simple Tabular Report
  • Create a column S.No which generates an incremental number using RowNumber function
  • Grouping using function to display N records on each page.

Let's create a report to see
For this, we will continue on a Tabular Report we created in an earlier article.

Step 1: Create a simple Tabular Report

First Create a simple Tabular Report using above link. Report looks like below.


Step 2: Create a column S.No with RowNumber
  • S.No column would generate an incremental number.
  • Expression : RowNumber(Nothing)
How to add S.No Column using RowNumber


Step 3: Grouping using function to display N records on each page.
  • Right click Data Region, Then Add Group>Parent Group

  • Click fx and write below Formula in Expression window



Note: At this state if you will run the report you will get below error

To overcome this error, we need to delete Sort Expression in Group Properties

Right Click Group > Group Properties


Select Sorting Tab and delete the existing Sort Expression appearing in the below screen


Select Page Breaks Tab and select the option Between each instance of a group


We are done with implementing paging at this state. Let's run the report and check the output

Output of the Report
Page 1
Page 2

Group1 column is not required in the ouptut, so you can right Click and delete this column using Delete Columns only option