Nov 11, 2015

Create Shared Datasource SSRS

In this post, we will see how to create a Shared Data Source in SSRS.

Data Source contain the information necessary to retrieve the data from the relational database to render the reports. If a data source is not shared, it is stored inside a report and can not be used by other reports.

In general, we need to have a data source that can be used in all the reports in the same project. Such data sources are called as shared data source.

Now let's walk through how to create a shared data source

  • SQL Server 2012 with Reporting Services
  • AdventureWorks Database

NOTE: We would be using AdventureWorks Sample Database which is shipped with SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition. If you have Express Edition you have to download it.  Download here.

Step 1:  Open SQL Server Data Tools and create a new Project  Business Intelligence > Report Server Project and name it as SSRS-Tutorials

Create Project

Step 2: Right Click Shared Data Source, then Add New Data Source. A new pop pup window will appear to configure Data Source Properties. Change the name of Data Source to AdventureWorks

Data Source

Step 3: Click on Edit, a new pop up window will appear to configure Connection Properties like Server Name, Authentication and Database

Connection Properties

Step 4: Click OK twice to close the popup windows and Shared Data Source AdventureWorks is created.

Shared Data Source

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