Nov 14, 2015

Creating Tabular Report in SSRS

In this tutorial, we will create a Simple Tabular Report in SSRS.

We would be using Shared Data source we created in previous article: Shared Data Source

Step 1: Create a Shared Data Source
We would be using this shared data source to fetch the data from the database for the report.

Step 2: Right Click Reports and then Add New Report, Report Wizard will appear to configure the report. Click Next

Add Report

Step 3: Configure Data Source. Select the Shared Data Source we created in Step 1 and Click Next

Configure Data Source

Step 4: Design Query either thru Query Builder or write your own query and Click Next.
select  * from HumanResources.Department

Design Query

Step 5: Select Tabular as Report Type and click Next.

Report Type

Step 6: You can configure to display the data based on grouping but as of now we are working on a simple tabular report, so just click Finish.


Step 7: Here, you can select Table Style. Default Style is Slate. Click Next

Table Style

Step 8: At this stage, we are done with configuration of reports. Click Finish.

Report Name

Step 9: Click Finish will create a report. You can also configure color, height, width etc..manually

Desing Report

We are done with creating a Simple Tabular Report.

To run the report, set this report as StartItem in Project Properties.

Right Click Project>Properties. Select the Report we just created as StartItem.


Now let's run the project and see the output of the report

Report Output

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