Mar 22, 2016

Data Conversion Transformation in SSIS

Data Conversion Transformation in SSIS is used to covert the data type of a column. It is very important transformation and is frequently used in packages.

For Example, in a package we import the data from various sources and the columns have X data type but the data type of destination columns have Y data type, in such cases we need Data Conversion Transformation.

We place Data Conversion Transformation between Source and Destination so that it converts the data type of Source Columns to make it compatible with Destination Columns.

Import File

Let's take a real life example where we will import a Flat file to SQL Server and we would require Data Conversion Transformation

Import Flat File to SQL Server using SSIS

In the above example, there are two columns Data and Amount which have incompatible data types and we have used Data Conversion Transformation to make them compatible.

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